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The X-Files - Season 5 ( 1997 ) Full HD

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The X-Files - Season 5


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The X-Files - Season 5

Drama Mystery Sci-Fi & Fantasy


00 Hours 45 Minutes



Ten Thirteen Productions, Fox Productions

Even as Scully’s genetically altered DNA brings her closer to the brink of death, government agent Michael Kritschgau helps Mulder in the search for a cure, partly to atone for his own involvement with perpetrating the alien hoax. Scully’s DNA comes into play once again when she discovers she is the mother of a little girl named Emily, an incident that could only be related to her abduction years earlier. But in the end it is a young boy named Gibson Praise whose body may contain genetic proof of man’s relationship to an alien race — and who may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the X-Files.

The X-Files - Season 5 - Cast

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