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Wakko's Wish ( 1999 ) Full HD

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Wakko's Wish


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Wakko's Wish


01 Hours 20 Minutes

Animation Music Comedy

Rough Draft Studios

United States of America, South Korea

Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish, usually referred to as Wakko's Wish is a 1999 American direct-to-video animated tragicomedy film based on the Warner Bros. 1993-98 animated series, Animaniacs, and also the swan song to the series. The film relocates all the Animaniacs characters to a quasi-medieval fairy tale world and portrays their race to find the wishing star that will grant them a wish. While the film was released during the Christmas season, the holiday is not a factor in its plot, though the events do take place during winter.

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