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Casi leyendas ( 2017 ) Full HD

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Casi leyendas


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Casi leyendas


02 Hours 02 Minutes

Music Comedy Drama

Benteveo Producciones, DK Group, Bowfinger International Pictures

Spain, Argentina

Three estranged friends are going to be forced to gather very much to their regret ... Axel (Santiago Segura), a very particular Spaniard, decides to undertake the search of his former companions in Buenos Aires. 25 years ago they formed a musical group that was about to be famous but for mysterious reasons never it succeeded. Now Axel is going to have to rediscover himself with Javier (Diego Peretti), a teacher who fails to communicate with his teenage son, and Lucas (Diego Torres), a presumed lawyer who loses his job overnight. A double challenge awaits them: to be the band that always dreamed and as if it were little to solve their calamitosas lives.

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